start to send and receive faxes from

Gmail, Hotmail (, Yahoo! Mail, MS Outlook/Office 365 or any email client
and receive your faxes straight to your email .


Your Email

etherFAX online fax gives you the ability to send a fax using your email client. No software required. It is as easy as composing a new email, select your document(s) as attachment then send it to

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Office 365

Faxing from your Microsoft Office 365 is simplified. Work on your spreadsheets or word processor, then print them using etherFax online fax printer.

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etherFAX Web

Regardless where you are at, by using a web browser you can login to etherFAX online fax web console to send, review your faxes and also manage your account settings.

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No minimum commitment and activation fees. Say goodbye to landline contract.
Dedicated fax number. (Your own DID number)
Incoming faxes will be emailed to you as attachment (PDF).
No more fax machine, paper or toner replacement.
Send and receive faxes whenever, wherever you are, 24x7.



No minimum commitment and activation fees



Always online. Never busy or out of paper



No more fax machines, paper or toner


Starting from RM29.90 /month, you begin send and receive faxes instantly.
Flexibility package available to suit your need. Get in touch with us to know more.

etherFax 100

100 pages

A combination of 100 pages of faxes sent and received per month





etherFax 250

250 pages

A combination of 250 pages of faxes sent and received per month





etherFax 500

500 pages

A combination of 500 pages of faxes sent and received per month





etherFax Custom

??? pages

Custom package for broadcasting and high volume faxing. Please contact sales for more info.




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many pages am I entitled to send and receive every month?

    You are entitled to receive/send 100 pages for the RM29.90 package, 250 pages for RM59.90 and 500 pages for RM111.90. Exceeding pages will be charged RM0.30 per page.

  • What do I get when I subscribe to any of the packages?

    You are entitled to send and receive faxes, with pages limited to the package you subscribed to, one personal fax number, and no minimum commitment. You will have access to the service and the fax number as long as there is no outstanding payment.

  • Will my unused pages be carried over to the subsequent months?

    No. Unused pages will NOT be carried forward.

  • How many faxing packages are there on offer and what are they?

    We have 4 packages offered at the moment. RM29.90 allow 100 Send/Receive combines pages, RM59.90 for 250 Send/Receive combine pages, RM111.90 for 500 Send/Receive Combine pages and Custom package for those who wants something more than 500 pages.

  • How soon will my account be activated upon payment?

    Within 2-12 hours after payment has been verified. You will receive a confirmation email from us.

  • Do you provide fax broadcasting services?

    Yes, we do. Please email us at for more information.

  • What are the supported browsers for etherFAX?

    We recommend using the latest browser from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

  • How are my pages being calculated?

    Page sent or received is calculated at the end of your subscription month. Total pages sent = number of pages sent successfully to each fax number. Total pages received = the number of pages received to your personal fax number.

  • How long will my faxes be stored before they are removed?

    Faxes will be kept for 3 months in the system before they are automatically purged.

  • What if I exceeded my quota for the month?

    When you exceeded the quota, each sent and received page will be charged RM0.30.

  • Does my subscription include international calls?

    International calls are blocked by default. Contact if you would like to fax to an international number. We will charge RM1.50 per page for international faxes.

  • Does any 3rd-party advertising appear on my faxes?

    There will be no advertisement.

  • How do I make payment?

    Login to the etherFAX portal and click on Invoices. You can refer to the step-by-step guide here.

  • How do I receive faxes?

    Click on the 'MyFax' link at the top of the page to login into your account. You will also receive faxes to your email. Fax image will be in PDF (default) or TIF.

  • What type of payment do you accept?

    We support credit cards, debit cards and IBG/DuitNow/PFX from major banks in Malaysia. All payments will be handled by Razer. All transactions will be in Ringgit Malaysia.

    For online banking and FPX payment, there will be scheduled downtime by the bank. You are not able to make any payment during these hours.
    PFX - 12am - 1am
    Maybank2u - 12:15am - 1am
    CIMB Clicks - 11:45pm - 12:45am
    Hong Leong Connect - 11pm - 7am
    RHB Now - 12am - 1am
    *scheduled above are subject to change without prior notice from respective bank.